Allyn's Going Bananas Bakery


  • Gooey Butter Cakes in a variety of flavors

Contact Information

Phone: (815) 980-2268


Website: http://http//


Store Location:

No store yet, but baking from nearby Kirkland, IL!

Allyn's Story:


 As a new stay-at-home Dad of a 2-1/2 year old and a 6 month old baby, Allyn's afternoons were filled with boredom. The girls were up in the morning, but after lunch? Nap time for them, and after a brisk cleanup of dishes and toys, all he was left with was afternoon TV.  Wanting to save a few dollars and trying to stay active in the afternoon, Allyn began baking desserts and breads for his family. Being self-taught meant a couple of goofs, fallen cakes and loaves that weren't what he wanted, but he got better. Banana breads, Gooey Butter and traditional cakes were just the beginning. Fudge, brownies, pies, cobblers and crisps, muffins and other homemade baked treats began to emerge from his kitchen.

His friends and family suggested that he offer his baked goods for sale. With the help and further encouragement of his wife, Allyn's Going Bananas began as a business venture. Now, three years later, Allyn's Going Bananas has grown to accommodate birthday parties, bridal showers, brunches, office parties and family and social gatherings of many sizes with individual items or party platters. Allyn says that, "Offering fresh-baked, homemade treats is a pleasure that I have thoroughly grown to enjoy. I eagerly look forward to each morning to see if a new request will result in an additional flavor or special order item. Contact us for your homemade baked treats today. Tell me... How can I bake YOU happy?"


Store Location:

5065 Edgemere Court 

Roscoe, Illinois

(behind Walgreens)