The Rockford City Market is committed to creating a diverse marketplace with the highest quality, locally grown and produced products available (within 150 miles). Rockford City Market will not be bound to apply a particular set of selection criteria in every instance and reserves unconditional discretion to accept of refuse anyone as a vendor and will consider many factors when evaluating vendor applications. Vendors are selected through a committee approval process. 

Priority will be given to:

  • Local farmers and producers (with 150 miles) who bring product to the market that is 100% grown and harvested on farmland they own and/or operate.
  • Vendors who create high quality, unique or unusual items not already well-represented at the Market.
  • Businesses with potential for growth into storefronts in local commercial districts, or products with the potential for commercialization.
  • Prepared food vendors with limited menus that meet one or more of these criteria: 1.Start-up with potential for incubation; 2.Existing downtown business; (for north end: Existing business that is located in the north end commercial district.) 3. Unique or ethnic food. Preference will be given to foods made from fresh healthful ingredients. Approved menus must be adhered to unless pre-approved by committee.
  • Vendors from the previous season whose continued presence at the market successfully aligns with the market's mission.
  • Vendor priority will be given to full season applicants, returning applicants, and then new applicants based on product. Prepared food space is limited.


Rules & Regulations

Click here to view the Rules & Regulations document

If you have additional questions on the Market's rules and regulations for vendors and performers, please contact the market manager at or 815.977.5124.