• Mini deep-dish pizzas
  • Mini quiches
  • Lasagnas
  • Mini burger "sliders"
  • "Crispy-Wraps" (eggrolls in large size pork, veggie, chicken, taco flavors and dessert fruit and cream filled in 6 flavors)
  • Pull-apart rolls in 4 flavors
  • Mini cheddar-beef loaves

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A small, family run frozen food and baking kitchen specializing in home-made lasagnas, mini deep-dish pizzas, quiches, and the popular "Crispy-Wraps" (Asian style or fruit and cream filled variety egg rolls). Each item is full cooked and then frozen for you to just take home and reheat via oven or microwave. Come check out Woodford Street Baking Company, you can pick some frozen items up and take them home to freeze for later or cook them for your family for dinner that night!

Second season only