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Originally founded as A Dog's Life Bakery in 1998, this bakery is rapidly gaining strength again under a new name and a new dimension, "The Canine Crunchery, A Happy Hour for Dogs." This bakery for dogs will have the same wholesome, natural feel that A Dog's Life Bakery had but it will take on a little bit of a different twist. Lucky, the Bichon Frise, and Chloe, the American Eskimoe, who were the former mascots of the bakery have gone on to doggie heaven and are no longer the world famous taste testers of the wholesome treats. Now, Sammie, the crazy Papichon and Millie, the Chihuahua-Jack are taking us to new heights. We have new styles of biscuits that will be offered to the tiny canine friends as well as our wonderfully yummy biscuits the larger breeds loved so dearly. All the ingredients are approved and we will even be offering the gluten-free biscuits again for the pups that need a little extra pamper.