North End Vendor list


Broadview Farm and Gardens

facebook: /broadviewfarmandgardens

"Broadview Farm and Gardens is a diversified family farm dedicated to providing the area with a secure and trustworthy source for well-raised food. We choose to work our land mostly by hand. We keep our practices balanced, holistic, and sustainable with minimal amounts of machinery and outside labor.  We aim to service our community and others with a variety of responsibly grown vegetables, fruits, meat, and eggs."

Items at the market: fresh produce


HIRE Grounds Coffee

HIRE (Hope in Recovery Employment) is a nonprofit with the mission of ......  They serve coffee from local company, Fresh Horizons, which makes the coffee in nearby Roscoe, IL.  

Items at the market: freshly brewed coffee and bags of ground coffee

crust n crumbles 2.jpg

Crust & Crumbles

facebook: /crustcrumbles

"Crust & Crumbles is an artisan micro-bakery located in Rockford, IL.  Our breads are naturally leavened, slow fermented and crafted entirely by hand using the simplest of ingredients: flour, water, salt. From start to finish, it takes about 20 hours to produce our loaves because we maintain the tradition of using long fermentation to improve overall flavor and quality."

Items at the market: fresh artisan breads and croissants


Jardine's Farm

Farmers, Phyllis & Tony Jardine, are long time farmers and vendors of the North End market from Winnebago, IL.  They are all known for their garlic and houseplants at the market but provide other varieties of produce as well. 

Items at the market: house plants, vegetable plants, potatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, cabbage, herbs, and more!


Diane's Garden and Farm

Local farmers from Rockford, IL with a passion for produce and herb plants. Diane's Garden an Farm has been with the North End market for many years and is a kind and reliable source for your weekly produce. 

Items at the market: plants, fruits, and vegetables 


Juda Springs Farm

Cindy and Dave offer a variety of produce and honey for your weekly needs as well as fresh and dried flowers for all your decor preferences. 

Items at the market: plants, produce, honey, flowers, dried botanicals