Anyone wishing to become a vendor must submit a completed application via and be selected through a committee approval process.

PLEASE NOTE:  Vendor booths are reserved for vendors with locally grown or produced products and are not available for services, political organizations or campaigns, franchises, third party/direct sales or hostess companies, or not-for-profit organizations. The only exception to this is not-for-profit organizations who grow produce may be admitted with committee approval.  

**The 2019 Applications will be available the first week of February. Stay tuned!**

To complete an application:

  1. Create a Profile on (free website, can be used to register for other markets throughout the U.S.)

  2. Fill out the application for the Rockford City Market in Rockford, IL and submit

  3. Upload photos of your product to or email them to

  4. Upload photos of your product and booth set-up to or email them to

To ensure a wide variety of goods to the market, the number of vendors in each product category will be limited. Vendors returning from the season before must fill out a new application and include photos of any new products that were not sold at the Rockford City Market.



Important application deadlines

  • For vendors who want to be eligible for early bird pricing, completed application must be submitted by March 1st. Vendors will be notified by mid March of their status and will have until the specified mid April date to pay to get the discount.

  • The deadline to get in an application to guarantee start on opening day is by the first Friday in April. Applicants will be notified of their status within 2-3 weeks of the April deadline and fees will be due by end of first week in May.

  • Applications for the second session (weeks 11-20) are due by the first Friday in June. Vendors will be notified of their status within 2-3 weeks of the deadline and fees will be due first week of July.

  • The committee meets throughout the season to go over any new applications but does not meet on a regular basis. If a vendor applies in the middle of a session they may not get a status right away or may be wait listed if the market is currently full. If you submit an application and don’t hear back within a month, please email the manager to ensure they received it.